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Buying British-Made Baby Clothes

British made Baby Clothes

In the last few years, there has been increasing conversation around the ethics of the clothing industry. Terms like ‘fast fashion’ imply cheap, poorly made outfits which are bad for the environment and the people who made them, and we are all being encouraged to think a little harder about where our clothes are coming from. 

While you might be trying to make more ethical decisions about your own clothing, have you thought about the baby clothes you buy? The choice of clothes for babies, especially online, can already be overwhelming, so it’s not always the first thing that comes to mind.

You’re probably looking for functional but cute clothes, which are easy to wash and that aren’t going to bankrupt you, so adding the criteria of being ethically produced probably sounds like it will overcomplicate things. But it’s actually surprisingly easy – just look out for options that are British made!

Buying baby clothes that were made in Britain has a lot of surprising benefits. Shipping clothes within the UK has a much smaller environmental impact than importing clothes from overseas, and also means they’ll probably arrive faster!  Clothes made locally in smaller batches are likely to be of higher quality, and you’ll be supporting small businesses too. At Baby Togs, we proudly stock two British-made baby clothing brands: Baban Baby and Baypods.

Baban Baby design and manufacture baby clothing basics in the UK (Baban is Welsh for baby!). They offer simple, high-quality bodysuits, sleepsuits  and accessories. Their clothes are 100% high-quality cotton, making them comfortable and soft as well as helping to keep your baby cool in the hotter weather. You can also wash them at a higher temperature, for when those unfortunate accidents happen! Most of their items come in sets that won’t break the bank, so you can stock up on the essentials that your baby wears all the time.

Baypods are a UK company that has been manufacturing baby shoes for over 60 years, and their shoes have even been seen on the feet of Prince George! They offer a wide range of soft and hard-soled shoes, made out of high-quality materials including real leather, and they’re just so cute! the leather shoes are perfect especially for more formal events such as christenings, Baypods are a stylish option for baby shoes that are 100% British made.

Making the switch to British-made baby clothes requires very little effort, and can have a great impact for you, your baby and the environment. Every little action counts as we all try to think harder about our clothing choices and where the things we buy come from; choosing British-made baby clothes for your children and for gifting to others is a small change but over time this can have a big impact!

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