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Buying Newborn Baby Clothes

Between nursing, feeding and nappy changes, the last thing you want to worry about is choosing the right baby clothes. The most important thing is that your baby feels comfortable and contented, and the clothing is quick and easy to care for.

Comfy, practical clothing in 100% cotton is always the best choice for newborns as they will not irritate babies skin and are quick to wash and dry.

A babygrow or sleepsuit makes perfect daywear for a newborn and there is little need for any other clothing except for bodysuits or vests until your baby is at least 6 months or more.

Your baby will grow quickly so do not buy too much of any one size. And buy larger if in doubt.

Features to look for on baby clothes:

Envelope neck - Ensures clothing can be rolled down from head to toe, perfect for easy changing when dirty nappy soils clothes.

Enclosed Feet - Ensures tiny toes are kept warm and cosy as babies will easily kick off socks or booties.

Soft Cuffs - Prevents sleeves rolling up and keeps babies arms warm.

Full length Popper Fasteners - Perfect for easy nappy changing as no need to open the full suit.


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