Welcome to Baby Togs!

Baby Togs is a modern twist on the departed local, high-street baby shop.

These long-gone emporia, where our grandmothers shopped were filled with everything a mother could need. Nappy pins, shawls, matinée coats, balls of wool and knitting patterns could all be produced from the most brilliantly organised – and infinite – set of cupboards and drawers at a moment’s notice. The latest rompers and dresses were immaculately presented in window displays, on mannequins, and the bell that heralded entry into the shop would inevitably be accompanied by the most comforting smell of cottons, woollens and cedarwood keeping everything fresh and clean.

Baby Togs brings together the traditions of yesteryear with today’s styles and fabrics. A modern-day baby store, where quality clothing, shoes and accessories can be mixed and matched to dress children beautifully.

Yours, Catherine Graham.

Founder of Baby Togs