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Pramsuits and Fleece Blankets: It's time to snuggle

The weather is truly beginning to get colder and, as we all start to wrap up more on chilly days, you’re probably considering the sort of warm things that your baby might need.


The choices of all kinds of fabrics and fits might be a little daunting, especially as we transition into the last few months of the year. The weather can be very changeable at this time, so you want something toasty for frosty or windy mornings which can be then be easily removed and carried once the sun comes out. There’s a huge range of options, so you’re guaranteed to find something that works for you and your baby!

Pramsuits and Jackets

At this time of year, you may be looking for a coat or knitted jacket for your baby, and if you are then we have plenty. But do pay attention to their lower half - if they are not running about and using their legs then they could get cold very easily

Many parents opt for a pramsuit, a warm one-piece designed to be worn as outerwear (with other clothes underneath). Pramsuits tend to cover the whole body except the face, so often come with enclosed or detachable gloves and booties, as well as a hood. They can be made from many different fabrics: pramsuits made of waterproof sleeping bag-like material are usually called snowsuits and provide a lot of insulation.


Pramsuits can also be made out of thinner materials such as fleece, velour and knit; the benefit of these fabrics is that they can be easily worn in slings and baby carriers without being too bulky to disrupt the fit. Snowsuits are best suited to use in prams and carrier seats.

Fleece blanket

Another great option for keeping your baby warm is a good blanket. Blankets have the advantage of being easier to put on and take off, as they are not fitted, so they can sometimes be more convenient for trips out. They’re great for prams and can also be used in cots if you make sure they are tucked in well and under your baby’s arms.

You may have been lucky and had a relative or two knit or crochet a baby blanket for you. I still have the two that my mum knitted for my children - but I didn't want to take them out of the house - they were too precious. So instead I bought them fleece blankets for the pram -- easier to wash and not too much of a tug at the heartstrings if they get lost

Some parents also report that swaddling their new babies helps calm them down and encourages better sleep; there’s not a huge amount of evidence to support these claims, but it’s often worth a try!

It’s important to research how to swaddle safely, in a way that will protect your baby’s hips and legs, and to make sure that they are not wrapped too tightly or above their shoulders. There are specific swaddle wraps which are shaped to make swaddling easier - many also feature clasps or closures to make the process less fiddly. You can even get hooded blankets, which are a very cute way to keep your baby nice and cosy!

It’s so wonderful to spend winter months with a new baby getting nice and snuggly! Keeping an eye on your baby’s temperature while you’re out and about helps keep them happy and healthy, and being prepared for all kinds of weather is one of the best ways to save yourself unnecessary stress.

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