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Always Plan Ahead – Babies First and Next Sleepsuits

Always Plan Ahead – Babies First and Next Sleepsuits

Should you buy plain cotton sleepsuits? Velour? Patterned? British made? As new parents or parents-to-be, the choice seems confusing and understandably, you want what’s best for baby.

Deciding on your Baby's Next Sleepsuits

In the days of pre-parenthood, when preparing for your baby’s first wardrobe, you would be excused for thinking you need to spend thousands on every incy, wincy baby need and circumstance to fit each size from tiny baby and beyond. Common sense goes out of the window in all the excitement before the baby is born, grandparents may splash the cash in anticipation (and who can blame them) but actually, there are very few basics your baby requires, and the rest are just ‘nice to haves’.

There is no-one more practical than me when it comes to spending money, I hate wasting money. I do not mind spending on quality items which last a long time, but babies, well they grow don’t they? And quickly!

It may have been a long time ago, but I remember preparing for my first baby like it was yesterday. I bought in baby sleepsuits (or babygrows as we more commonly referred to them) in both Newborn and 0-3 months to go into hospital. My mother’s advice was not to buy too many newborn as the baby will be in 0-3 months in ‘no time’. I even remember not washing all the newborn sleepsuits in case I had to return some for the bigger next sleepsuits size.

My mother and my gran started knitting cardigans and even I dusted off my knitting needles and made a lemon cardi in moss stitch!

The morning after my baby boy arrived and amongst the blur of new motherhood, I can remember the midwife helping me dress him for the first time. She insisted he need a vest / bodysuit despite it being a roasting hot summer’s day and at 7lb 13oz, the white newborn sleepsuits I’d bought were huge on him. My super proud husband appeared later that day after a round trip to Boots, with an orange and white striped romper (I later bought him orange socks to match!) and after phoning my mother, she appeared with some tiny baby clothes and knitted the fastest cardi ever so that he actually had some clothes to fit! No matter how short a time they lasted.

So, for baby number two, I made sure I had several tiny baby sleepsuits in addition to the next sleepsuits sizes – Newborn and 0-3 months. I felt the next sleepsuits were bought for us as gifts after the baby was born so we did not need to worry about baby clothes beyond 3 months. I guess it’s easier when its your second or third child as you will always have some hand-me downs, but my advice is to always have some tiny baby clothes at the ready, even if they only last a week or two!

Newborn baby clothing need not consist of more than a bodysuit, sleepsuit and a little cotton hat. That’s it! First size sleepsuits even feature integrated scratch mittens, so its really only 3 items of clothing. The next sleepsuits may not feature scratch mittens, which you may need, but you can always pick up some extras in due course.

A sleepsuit is the most useful garment for a baby and for the first weeks of his life, your baby will probably practically live in a sleepsuit. The full length poppers on these sleepsuits enable easy nappy changes without opening the whole suit, ensuring your baby does not get cold unnecessarily.

In addition to this, your baby will only need a few cardigans and a wrap blanket and your layette will be complete! Our own best selling sleepsuits can be found here on our website.

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